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Announcing Inquiring Minds!

As many followers already know, I used to co-host the Point of Inquiry podcast with Indre Viskontas. But that ended, for reasons explained here.

But since September, Indre & I have been podcasting at the Climate Desk, with a new show entitled “Inquiring Minds.” Here’s a recent episode:

We’ve done 10 episodes so far, and response has been dramatic. We’ve had well over 100,000 downloads and plays in just two months (the show above, with Jonathan Haidt, is one of our most popular so far). It is fair to say that we are psyched.

You can subscribe to Inquiring Minds via iTunes or RSS, and you can stream the show online at SoundCloud. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thanks!

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  • Gigi Jacobs January 28, 2014, 6:25 am

    Chris Mooney has been one of the few that has thoroughly put together the reason for the differences in thinking between conservatives and liberals. I have been researching why conservatives lack empathy and don’t understand facts, and Chris is right on the money! Refreshing to know that someone else gets it. Chris has a wonderfully functioning anterior cingulate cortex and courage, for this science will be resisted by most for some time. But we have at least started to get it disseminated to the world!

    And conservatives need not feel like this is so negative for them as they have adapted their different brain very well to the 21st century and actually move up the income pole faster-even though they may use not so kind nor honest techniques to do so….

    Gigi Jacobs

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