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Five Things Obama Can Do On Climate…Without Congress

obama-climate-changeI have a big piece up at Mother Jones today. Basically, it’s my report on what Obama can do on climate, most of it without any Republican cooperation whatsoever.

In the course of writing it, I have to say I realized that all the chatter about a carbon tax right now is deeply misinformed, or at least incomplete.

The real climate action in the next four years is going to be at EPA. And the worst of all worlds might be if we get a carbon tax, but as part of the deal, EPA is preempted from taking the strong steps it has already launched.

That’s not a perspective you’re hearing at all right now in the commentariat. So, when Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney recently dissed carbon taxes….well, that might actually be a good thing.

Read here for more on why that’s the case.

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