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New Point of Inquiry: How to Be Secular, with Jacques Berlinerblau


Jacques BerlinerblauMy latest hosted episode of the podcast is now up–it’s with Georgetown scholar Jacques Berlinerblau, discussing his new book How to Be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom.

Basically, Berlinerblau believes that the Christian Right has routed secularism in the U.S.–no argument there for many atheists and freethinkers.

But where he goes further is arguing that to fix the problem, atheists and religious skeptics need to be building allegiances with moderate religious believers, ranging from Sikhs to, yes, many Catholics.

So far as I know, few if any folks in secularism are actively trying to build these bridges–because of course, the predominant emotion out there is all about denouncing religion, rather than trying to work with it.

So it is a pretty controversial view–and one that should get some attention. Full show here; book link here.

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